elkangaroo - jumping through the night since 1985

Charlie Sheeplin

A short movie.
Winner of the One Minute Award (category: U20) at One Minute Film & Video Festival Aarau, Swiss (2008).

Created together with Pascal Stoll.


what's that game?

The great video game screenshot quiz.
Technologies: PHP 5.4+, PostgreSQL 9, Twig, HTML 5, jQuery, CSS 3


The world ends in 2 minutes.
A game made for the Berlin August Mini Game Jam. Using LÖVE, the awesome 2d game framwork for Lua, and the Animations And Love library for animations.

Created together with Jesper Oskarsson (programming, audio) and Andree Neemann (graphics, animation).


A simple snake like game written in lua using the LÖVE 2d games framework.
First contact with lua and löve.

Game of Life 3D

Game of Life 3D is an platform-independent OpenGL implementation of John Conway's Game of Life with a modern QT4 user interface. It features a random mode and different pre defined example modes.

Created together with Pascal Stoll.

DSA Character Generation Tool

A character generation tool for the popular German pen-and-paper role-playing game Das Schwarze Auge (en: The Dark Eye) written in Java.

Created together with Pascal Stoll, Martin Lauer and Stephan Gridtschin.


Lighting Challenge Brand X

A 3D scene created with Autodesk Maya and rendered with mental ray.

Created together with Pascal Stoll.

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